Borocuda – Teesside Amateur Swim Club

B-TASC is a local swimming club which was founded in 2018 by the director of Borocuda swim school
who recognised that many of the children coming through the school had potential to continue their
journey and grow their love for the sport. The club has a family focussed ethos and a friendly culture
which helps to nurture swimmers along their competitive swimming journey.

The club has flourished despite the pandemic and now caters to 60 swimmers aged 7-16 across 5
squads. Most recently has been the addition of a disability/para squad which is the only squad of it’s
kind within the Teesside area. 

Swimmers are regularly competing including at county and regional level and the youth squad
recently competed in the Northumberland and Durham Junior Swim League and won, earning
promotion to the 2nd League!

The club currently operates out of 3 pools across Teesside, including the Unicorn pool in
Middlesbrough which was built during the height of the pandemic. It is ran by qualified and
experienced coaches and teachers and is primarily volunteer led.

Borocuda teachers create and nurture talented swimmers and then if they have what it takes the selected student goes in to our “Little Champs” programme to see if they have long-term potential. They will then work up to PRE-TASC our pre-squad programme, ensuring students are commitment, competitive and a “can do”attitude, they can then become a fully fledged member of B-TASC. 

B-TASC takes training to the next level, children could be training in the pool up to six times a week, including a land training session – a fitness class that focuses on exercises to help improve stamina, strength and swimming techniques.

The Road to B-TASC via Borocuda Swim School