Borocuda – Teesside Amateur Swim Club


Our very own Borocuda Swim Squad, B-TASC is a brand new swimming club based in Teesside, purely created for the talent that streams through Borocuda Swim School.

Borocuda teachers create and nurture talented swimmers and then if they have what it takes the selected student goes in to our “Little Champs” programme to see if they have long-term potential. They will then work up to PRE-TASC our pre-squad programme, ensuring students are commitment, competitive and a “can do”attitude, they can then become a fully fledged member of B-TASC. 

B-TASC takes training to the next level, children could be training in the pool up to five times a week, including a land training session – a fitness class that focuses on exercises to help improve stamina, strength and swimming techniques.