We truly believe that swimming is for everyone so we will have a session to cater to you needs. Our current sessions are:

Group lessons 

At Borocuda Swim School our instructors are in the water and we like to have small classes. This means that our swimmers progress quickly in both their skills and confidence. We are also about making sure that our lessons are fun and enjoyable. All of our beginner lessons have no more than 5 swimmers in the lesson and stage 2-7 have no more than 6 swimmers in the lesson. Each stage introduces something new and exciting for children to learn and develop. If you are unsure of your child’s ability, then let us know and we will happily assess them for you so we can put them in a lesson that’s suitable for them. We take children from 4 years old for our group lessons.

Price – £10.50

Duration – 30 minutes.

Adult swimming lessons 

We love teaching adults at Borocuda! We understand how difficult everything can be when you’re learning to swim and will offer support in and out of the pool every step of the way. The class is really friendly and swimming instructors are on hand to offer excellent advice but also know when to leave you alone to try things, so you’re never pressured into trying something you’re not comfortable with.

Price – £13.50

Duration – 30 minutes

121 swimming lessons 

Our 121 programme is the pride and joy of Borocuda. We only offer these special lessons to people with additional needs. As a swim school, we have a vast experience of dealing with people from all backgrounds and we’re 100% able to adapt the swimming lessons to meet the needs of the swimmer. A long-term goal of our programme is to create a new squad within our swimming club – B-TASC to help our swimmers in our 121 programme compete in swimming galas. we can advise the best way to get financial support for the cost of the lessons.

Price – £21

Duration – 30 minutes

Borocuda Babies

Borocuda Babies provides Teesside with the best value swimming lessons for our youngest swimmers (aged 0-4 years). Using your baby’s natural reflexes our fun, safe and engaging swimming programme means that both adult and baby take their first steps on their swimming journey without baby even realising it! Our programme is split into four age categories: 0-12months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years and 3-4 years. This ensures that the programme matches your baby’s physical capability at each level, but we also pride ourselves on our small class sizes which allows us to personalise the programme for each child. Whilst our newborn babies feel at home in the water, you may have a toddler who either loves or loathes the water. Either way, our patient and caring instructors make our toddler lessons exciting with a strong underpinning of developing swimming skills.

Get ready for singing, swimming and splashing in the pool!

Price – £13

Duration – 30 minutes

Get in touch for more information or to book a place!