Borocuda Babies provides Teesside with the best value swimming lessons for our youngest swimmers (aged 0-4 years).

The Borocuda Babies programme has been expertly designed with our littlest swimmers in mind. Our highly experienced instructors will take you and your little one on those first important splashes and the greatest swimming adventure we can offer. 

Our fun, safe and engaging swimming programme is child-led promoting skills in three key areas: water safety, water confidence and of course swimming skills. We do not use forced submersion, instead we promote your little one to become curious in the water, explore it and most of all love it.

Classes are based on age which ensures that the programme matches your baby’s physical capability at each level and aids development: 3-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years and 3-4 years. We also pride ourselves on our small class sizes which allows us to personalise the programme for each child.

Whilst our newborn babies feel at home in the water, you may have a toddler who either loves or loathes it. Either way, our patient and caring instructors make our toddler lessons exciting with a strong underpinning of developing swimming skills. 

Small ripples make big waves – start your swimming adventure today. 

Price – £13

Duration – 30 minutes